COVID-19! It may be weird to say but God can save one in the middle of a fire. I am finding it a blessing to regain quality time with my family. Yes, we are caring properly to our best ability and enjoying the quarantine time. We did renew our house color, paint job (which I did myself), cleaning, and repairing different things. We play and have fun all day. It’s a good time to recover all wounds and pray for a good future and this is what we are trying to do.

At the same time, I got a lot of time to pay special attention to my research work which I was finding that I was a bit stuck. I hope everyone will be enjoying their quarantine time. If not, get some inspiration from an artist, they want more and more alone time to create their masterpieces. So, I need more time in a day to draw more.┬áSounds weird? We are in a God’s blessing earned through mom’s prayers. Respect and love your parents. It works.

How my actual life is impacted by this pandemic? I am a laboratory instructor. Living away from home and having quite a hard effort to manage personal and professional life. Due to past work, I was unable to celebrate some events with my family. Now I am working from home which is quite nice. It was difficult to negotiate quality at first but I managed. Now I am able to save more and feel good as well.

Praying for good health for all during this pandemic. Thank you!