I’m Niroshan, a call center executive working in Sri Lanka during the COVID-19 period. Even though there was a lockdown, the call centers were operating with high risk due to the high demand. After a few weeks, I got a fever and attended the hospital to take medicine. At that time they took a PCR of mine and it was identified that I was positive for the virus.

Immediately they took me to the hospital special area where they keep COVID-19 infected people and treat them. I was scared and didn’t know what to do. The hospital people took care of me and encouraged me to get through this.
After I recovered from the illness I thought this depression will be over, it didn’t happen as I wished. Once I reached my home only I got to know that people in my town had been ignoring my family and they left me alone and rejected me because I got infected with the virus,

This situation is the worst situation I have faced in my life and making things worse, the same rejection came from the working environment I used to work in when I came to the office. It came to a situation where I don’t want to work in that environment anymore so I was forced to leave.

The same thing happened in my home town, we felt as we are not welcome by others so we left the village and relocated. Losing my job or getting infected by the virus was not that much impacting but the peoples’ rejection was the worst thing that happened.