Hello everyone, my name is Sjda K., and I am from Jharkhand in India. I am a housewife and the outbreak of coronavirus has caused a lot of problems in my day-to-day life.

My husband is an office worker and an accountant, therefore, he still has to go to work. Our government announced total lockdown a month ago and it’s still going on. I am always worried about him because he may get in contact with anyone but he promises me he remains cautious. We also have a small kid. This year, she was supposed to go to the sixth standard but schools are shutdown. The school management had also announced to take online classes but in vain. It is indeed very difficult to carry out classes of a large mass of kids where the internet connection is not the best. Therefore I do my duty of tutoring her. It passes my time too.

I believe in making someone happy in a time of peril is very important. I try to make new dishes, teach my kid to dance and draw as well. Till now I have faced no problem with the basic necessities. My husband always provides us with the things that we need. Thankfully, shopping complexes and open. However, I had joined an embroidery class before the lockdown and I was really liking it. It killed my free time and I was slowly generating the passion. The classes have been shut down for a while now. I do look at the internet and try to create things on my own. That’s how it is been going on for a month now.

All in all, I wish for my husband and daughter’s safety at all costs and pray that this gets over soon. Take care.