I am Claudia, I live in Valencia, an independent professional. Before COVID-19 I didn’t go out much and now I’m not interested in going out knowing that I can catch it because outside there are irresponsible people who don’t take care of themselves and don’t care about other people. I clung more to God and the Virgin. This pandemic showed that people did not change for the better, they continued the same or worse than they were.

With this pandemic I had to postpone my vacation, I had planned to visit one of my sisters who is in the Dominican Republic. I feel nostalgic since she is my closest family and I was longing for her reunion. In addition, my great company was a beautiful canine who was affected by cardiomegaly and died recently. All this saddens me, but in turn, I think that all this will happen and I put myself in the hands of God to grant me health and life.

With COVID-19, the discussions have increased – I usually hear screams of despair especially for the children who want to go out to play in the parks again. Every day I reaffirm my correct idea and conviction that living without children and a stable partner has been the most successful thing in my life, since I live placidly, without financial or any kind of inconvenience. I will wait patiently for all this to end and to be able to travel again and enjoy my time and my beautiful life.