COVID-19 has brought about many unexpected changes in my life. I was forced to spend all of my time indoors for several months with limited social interaction. As an extrovert, this was very difficult for me. I felt that many of my friendships were weakened since I no longer could strengthen them through get-togethers.

Despite these unfortunate changes, there have also been remarkable positive changes in my life. First of all, I feel that my relationships with my family members have improved dramatically. Since we all live far apart and had less time for our usual day-to-day activities, we spent more time calling and interacting with each other. Also, I took a personal initiative to share my love and talent for music on social media, sharing my light with others around the world. These positive effects from an unfortunate pandemic brought new light and joy into my life that I did not have before.

I was also blessed with the opportunity to work abroad for several months. Since my work became remote, I stepped out of my comfort zone and moved away from home. This experience helped me improve my mental health and invigorated me to continue my life with renewed energy and a desire to serve others.

Was the COVID-19 pandemic difficult? Of course. Did it prevent me and my friends and family from living life to the fullest? Absolutely not. I hope all can find hope in their trials as I did.