In March 2020, Sri Lanka closed down. The Maldives followed. I am from the tourism industry, a trade that came to a full stop due to COVID-19. I am a Maldives destination specialist and when the destination closed I felt the walls closing in, the salary cuts started and my mind screamed the end was near!

I am a man of stability, I have always learned different disciplines, helped so many in their businesses but have always been the dude who did this one job. Stability went to the gutter and I was left stranded alone on an island. What do I do? I started by fueling myself with the hope that trade will not die. I kept writing, inspiring myself and others that we are a global trade and we cannot die.

Mom always told me to try doing some online courses with the skillsets I own, because I do not have degrees. I am not the certified Sri Lankan that is deemed by society. She has been advising me this for over a decade, but my not being certified never bothered me even though that is the single thing that even keeps me from migrating. I was continuously learning, never did it bother me to be certified. Randomly, I saw this advert on project management, and curiosity got the best of me. Before I knew it, I was addicted. Over the next few months, I had completed 12 courses.

My mind was still uneasy, I have never been this unstable in over a decade (oh yeah I lived a very colorful life). I was frustrated and angry. I had a call with a friend of mine named Charith H. (Sri Lanka’s Best Food Photographer). I was telling him that I want to try a new project, to do it with someone. I was whining that I feel aimless and bored. A few days later he came up with this idea – and we started working on the platform. After many sleepless nights and a few months in, we presented our project to Sri Lanka The platform allows you to showcase your talent to business owners for free. The platform is free for the freelancer and the business that is searching for new talent.

This journey I am writing of did not take years, this all happened between the end of March 2020, to 01 Nov 2020. I am untalented like people say, but if I could do this, you can too. Work is not a chore but an inspiration to grow yourself. Remember that every task seems impossible, once you learn it no one can ever steal it from you. It grows you, it grows your mind, it grows your brand.

Anytime you message me I will always be there to help anyone in any way I possibly can.

2020 was rough, I think 2021 will be rougher. Distract your mind with amazing things and you won’t feel how bad it was.