I’m located in Korea and working in a factory.

To be perfectly honest, in Gyeonggido, we’re living our lives like normal. It’s like nothing has changed. We can still go out freely, although the people won’t. Only because we don’t want to be the reason why the virus has spread in our city, if you have it, that’s how disciplined the people are in my city. No panic buying that had happened or is happening. We can still go to work, however, there is not much to do. Our company is asking people to voluntarily stay home without pay and it’s hard to be out of work. I take risks and still report to work since we can and we are required to wear protective gear (and I’m grateful that my company is providing it). No lockdown in our city.

It pains me to see what’s happening to other places and that’s really alarming. This pandemic hasn’t affected me personally too much (and I hope it won’t). The only thing is that we are scared to lose our jobs even temporarily as we don’t have other means to live our life here. I just hope that we work together in stopping the spread of the virus.

I hope people will realize that many lives have been taken already and that we won’t have to have someone die anymore if we just strictly follow the rules, at least save ourselves, it will always start from you.