Good day, my name is Luz M., 45 years old. I am Venezuelan and I am an independent worker. Since the quarantine began, I have experienced many changes in my life.

I could not go out to work for my livelihood. Therefore, things in my house have changed, we can no longer eat the same foods. We can’t eat breakfast, lunch, and food. Some days we only eat two of the 3 meals or share the food with my husband and my 3 children who are under 15 years old. Since we must save the money to buy the next day’s food or pay the house bills, etc.

The usual activities that we had done in our normal life we can’t be done now. Activities such as family gatherings for birthday parties; in my house, we usually used to gather all my family and the people of my family who lived in other cities traveled to be together that day as a united family. I miss the family, friends, and neighbors union.

Now greetings with our neighbors are from the window of my house. Sometimes I think this is just a dream and that the next day when I wake up, everything will return to normal; all this feels strange and sad because I never thought that everything would change. Everything for the COVID-19 I never thought that an apparently simple flu had the power to take so many lives worldwide, regardless of your origin, skin color, or standard of living.