My name is Faizan from the small village Shah Bagh in Rawalpindi. I studied Electrical Engineering for two years but left studies in-between because I got a job in a health emergency service that serves Punjab Province in Pakistan named Rescue 1122. It was established in 2006 by the government of Pakistan. Now I have decided to continue my studies as well along with my job.

I am a direct witness to the impact of the coronavirus disease on many people as I work in the health sector. Well, did it have an impact on me? Yes and a lot. Because I am dealing with suspected coronavirus patients and taking them to hospitals and quarantine centers. I observed that more than the physical disease, the mental level of the patients is a challenge because we see a lot of misconceptions on social media and as well as electronic media about COVID-19. Yes, it is a deadly disease but we can take care of ourselves if we take proper precautionary measures.

I would like to mention that we are not given proper suits and kits by our authorities. We are directly dealing with these patients so we are always at risk because we can catch this virus. I appeal to all the people reading that please do not take this virus lightly but also we don’t need to create panic as well. I also wonder that maybe this virus will never end in this world so we may have to make peace with this virus for the rest of our lives.

Last but not the least, it impacted greatly on my finances. Also, we are in the holy of Ramadan, so we have to make special arrangements but things are so costly these days that I am not able to afford all these things. And I also feel for underprivileged people – I wonder how they are spending these days with so much difficulty.