My name is Slaeden, I live in a small town village deep in Botswana called Mmadinare. Just like the rest of the country and some other countries we had a very long stressful and disheartening lockdown as I was completely out of business.

This coronavirus has really affected my hustle, I am a taxi driver, and driving customers from one place to another is what feeds my family and takes my children to school. It is quite unfortunate that this situation that the world is facing affected my line of business too much that getting back up on my steady feet will surely take some time. Really I want to thank our government for trying to give us food hampers during this tough time.

From the 2nd of April, 2020 up to the 22nd of May 2020 I have been unable to make any money and I don’t want to lie it was too much to handle for me. On a normal day, I could make up to 350 Pula which was good money for me, and if I count the number of days that I have been sitting it’s really sad for me. Now the lockdown has been relaxed and we can operate with only a limited number of people in the taxi which is still affecting my income but I can say it is better than nothing.

As for this COVID-19, I just want it to go away then everything will be normal in everyone’s life throughout the world.