To all my dear. I live in Lombok-Indonesia at Selong City. I want to tell a little story of my life after COVID-19 was coming.

I am a girl, 19 years old. My name is Dewi E. I lived with my father (he died due to coronavirus on 2nd April), mother, and 3 brothers and 2 sisters. I am the 4th born. Recently, I have to self isolate in my home. Each day our family is always hungry. No people are coming to help us, maybe they afraid of COVID-19. What we eat each day are vegetables. Sometimes we try to find cassava surround our village. Ouh..what a pity my life…my study now is just by online system. What a difficulty for me. I have no money for buying a pulse/internet quota. I prefer to buy food than the pulse. But now, there is no money anymore.

Since my father was gone, there are no people who care about us. I realize because they also have a problem. What I have to do now is stop studying. I prefer to keep my life than study. My brother and sister have the same decision.

Sometimes I thought…are there any foreign people who would like to help me and my life? I believe God will help me and my family. I have to be patient with that. I cannot extend my story. Hope this sad story is enough for a moment. Thank you very much. Let’s pray for all of us.

Dewi E.-Indonesia