The emergence of COVID-19 has had some positive and negative implications for me. On one hand, I have spent most of my time indoors over the last 70 days because of the quarantine imposed across different cities in Massachusetts, and have been unable to socialize with my friends like in old times. The monotony of staying indoors can also be exhausting. On the other hand, however, I have been able to dedicate more time to reading and learning in ways that I couldn’t before the quarantine.

Part of what has revived my interest in learning is how much time I have gained working from home. I don’t spend hours of the morning/evening rushing to or commuting from work because I now work remotely. I also don’t deal with as many distractions from events happening in town. There’s literally not much going on in the cities these days. That has forced me to dedicate more of my time to reading and watching educational documentaries. Also, I am an electrical engineer and spend a good chunk of my time designing circuits on my computer. I get more done because I dedicate more hours when I work from home. I also do not get interrupted as often as is the case when I am at the office.

I am grateful to God that I have been fortunate enough to not be impacted very negatively by the deadly virus. I am documenting what I am learning thus far to carry forward some lessons to the post-covid era if we ever get there.  I would not have believed anyone if they told me months ago that this would happen.

Rest in power to those who have passed away from the effects of the virus. I also wish those currently unwell a very speedy recovery.