Twelve weeks ago I fell ill with COVID-19 symptoms of muscle aches and sore throat. Since then I have had so many symptoms come and go then change to something completely different. I’ve had three relapses where I’ve felt much better for a few days to then crash awfully badly for weeks longer and all symptoms returning with a vengeance.
Had shortness of breath, heart racing then stopping, bruise spots on toes, tight chest, shoulder blades pains and ribs are sore, abdominal pains, trapped wind, confusion, extreme fatigue, pain when I lie down on my front or back, extreme stabbing pains that move all around my upper body and arms lasting hours to days almost like electricity, I could list much more.

Never had a cough
Never had a temperature
Had a chest x-ray. All clear
Had my blood taken, No infection
Had ECG. Heart is strong
Had COVID-19 swab test negative but only had it after 9 weeks of initial symptoms, couldn’t get it any sooner.
Awaiting antibodies test
Been given antibiotics amoxicillin. Did nothing
Been given inhalers. Did nothing.
Been given antacid tablets. Do nothing.

Nobody seems to believe me
Just because I look ok, people assume I’m fine
I’ve had family tell me is it in my head?

I used to be so fit and strong
I could run 10 miles easily, I lifted weights 5 days a week and have done several long-distance obstacle course races beating people 20 years younger than me, I’m 45. No health conditions. Never sick. Ever.
I eat a healthy vegan diet
I don’t ever drink or smoke
It’s very upsetting

Hoping this is only a short-term illness and full health will return soon.