I am a single mom and a cashier at one of the supermarkets in our county and I would say it’s a risk we take every single day by going to work. I’m glad I still get to work and earn money to provide for my family but man this is so scary to go out and face different people who you never know if they have the virus themselves.

One of my coworkers caught the virus almost a month ago and it just got scarier as she still hasn’t gone back to work and we haven’t heard any news about her. This gave my family a fright and they were begging me not to go to work anymore and just stay with my two kids. I wish it was that easy. But if I don’t go to work, I’ll have nothing to provide for my kids.

This weekend will be big for us as the government is doing some “tests” to reopen parks and other establishments but with some conditions that you will have to stay 6 feet apart and wear face coverings but not mandatory. If we pass this test and no increase of the virus has been recorded, then the lockdown will be lifted. I know it’s not gonna go back to normal right away, but I hope this will be a great start as my kids have not gone out of the house for a month, and you know kids, they easily get bored being inside doing indoor activities.

Everybody, we must cooperate and we should help each other so we can get over this already.