My name is Rona and I am married to an American national. We lived in the Philippines for years as he was working in a call center industry located in the Philippines before we finally decided to migrate to the US two years ago.

I am a business woman and last quarter of 2019 we were able to open our very first nail salon in the county. It was amazing. The business was booming. Until all of a sudden this coronavirus reached the US and we thought it was just nothing even after hearing the fatalities in some other countries. It spread so easily and then next thing we know, it was in our county.

We were told that businesses will be closed for just 2 weeks. It was never the case. I know most of the business owners would agree with me that it was rough not to have any business earnings. But I also understand that it’s for the safety of everybody. The impact of this virus for my family is not really that much which I am so much grateful for. But for our business, it’s so much loss. It’s just kind of tough as we just hired people to give them a chance to work and earn yet it was sad to let them go because of the virus. I feel bad for them, truly. I wish that I’ll be able to have them again as we start reopening the business back.

As per the last update from the government, businesses are going to be opening again very soon. I’m hoping for everyone’s safety.