I feared losing my job since the pandemic. Lots of businesses shut down, a few companies decided to allow work from home and I’m one of the employees who did. As an executive assistant in a law firm, I was lucky to have been able to keep my job.

Our company asked us to work from home in March. The same thing, nothing changed aside from not being in the office physically. No employees were terminated from our firm. In fact, other people were being added on.

Since then, I started getting emails that someone’s gonna take some work off my plate for us to be productive and get things done immediately. And they were giving me different tasks, tasks that are not for an executive assistant. What I did not know is that they were slowly taking all my tasks from me as I would be terminated due to “COVID.” It is so frustrating that they tried to demote me by giving me jobs as a receptionist (no offense meant) and then fired me due to “COVID.”

I have been out of work for almost two months now and I’ve never had a hard time finding jobs before. This COVID-19 has impacted me so badly that I couldn’t even help my husband pay the bills.

Another bad thing that has happened was that my husband was in quarantine for 14 days and we were so afraid he might lose his job too. He felt sick and we had him tested immediately. Although it turned out negative, he was still advised by his company to stay home for 14 days as they didn’t know if he got exposed somewhere.

I hope we cooperate in making our community safe. Stay indoors, wear a mask, social distance!