Hello everyone. I too am a COVID-19 survivor; I had it in March and April. I was actually diagnosed on April 8th. Since then I’ve had two tests that came back negative. However, that wicked virus affected my body in so many ways!

I developed acid reflux out of nowhere in which I had to have an endoscopy performed. Also, my chest hurts really bad at which times the pains are sharp, other times very sore, feeling jumpy or pure heaviness. The whole point is the pain never felt like this. My back has been hurting for weeks. I start physical therapy Tuesday coming, June 9th, to be exact.

I suffer from anxiety as well but it has never been this bad. The doctors keep saying I’m having palpitations due to anxiety but I’m gonna continue saying it is way different. I have bad dreams and never get good rest. I wake up out of my sleep at night in which I don’t know to say it’s from the chest pains, anxiety, or both! I’m so tired and drained and would like something to at least alleviate the chest pain! I feel that the doctors should do invasive studies on those who had and survived the COVID-19 because it takes your body to a different level.

I just wanted to share my story. I know there are others out there with stories like myself. I really pray that we get the answers and help that we need for our bodies. I have 2 sons to raise and watch grow up. I’m trying so hard to feel better and understand all of this.