My name is Leah N.  I live in Kitala, Wakiso district in Uganda. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected me both negatively and positively.

I am an Air Traffic Management Officer at UCAA. The aviation industry has greatly been affected by this pandemic as many of the countries including my own are on lockdown and this has affected our workplace tremendously. Since there are still a few flights though i.e cargo, emergency, and domestic flights, I still have to go to work but it is now boring as it is not as challenging as it should be because of the very light traffic.

Socially, I am an outgoing person and love hanging out with my circle of friends whenever possible. We often meet up and talk about all the hullabaloos of life and support and encourage each other. Due to this pandemic, the movement has been limited and this is now not possible. Additionally, I love visiting my family at least once a week. Mom is always looking forward to my visits and Ooh how I miss them.

On the positive side, I have more time to grow spiritually; through reading my bible more, fasting, praying, reading Christian literature, and listening to podcasts.

Additionally, my friends and I have challenged ourselves to use this time to develop ourselves intellectually through reading and discussing business-related books so that we can get investment ideas which we hope to apply after the pandemic is over. I am not good at reading unless I have an exam so this is a good challenge on my side.