I have been so busy chasing success and losing touch with the ones I love and need the most. This isn’t a result of my selfishness, and I am not trying to make excuses as to why I haven’t been there for my family. I just want to eradicate the shame of poverty, so that my siblings would have a better life than myself.

In a long while, I can’t recall the last time I sat at home and had a proper discussion with my mum nor anyone in my family. My day-to-day schedule kept bouncing from work, to home and when at home, I will be extremely exhausted to even have a chat with the family. As I need to work hard and be very effective at work. I thought, as long as I have a massive amount of money, I will be able to build and recreate the bond that was lost. The bond we once had as a family, the relationship we built which was gate-crashed as I grew older. Yes, I am the first child of my family and I feel responsible for solving problems. Relenting seems like a thief to me. As I keep telling my coworkers; time is of the essence.

The pandemic “COVID-19” which has kept everyone indoors for over 3 months or more, has made me realize the importance of life, that is, how chasing money isn’t the most important thing that we need for survival. Yes! Money solves problems. But money won’t give you the human touch you need -the connection you need with your family.

The increments in the number of deaths, and the stoppage at life have given me the time I need to properly reflect and look at how aged my mother seems. I began to fear that she might get infected the moment she steps out the door. I have begun having conservations with my other siblings, trying to rebuild the relationship we once had. Bringing everyone together in our family house, so as to avoid the plague that comes with loneliness. Getting to know everyone all over. This for me is a blessing in disguise. I pray a vaccine be found as early as possible and I sincerely hope that the relationship between my family members and I will stand tall and together we will overcome all hurdles. As no man is an island on his own.