Hello guys. My name is Basit B., and I belong to Parachinar, a remote area in Pakistan.

Lockdown seems to restrict the way of life but in the bigger picture, it actually gives you the opportunity to gain new experiences. The biggest thing that I have learned is patience and that there is more to life than just my phone, as I’m honestly tired of using it. I realized again that time waits for none and is passing at a very high speed. I have learned how to cook decent food and sketch like a professional. Besides this, I think I have learned how to be a good person, better than I was before and which I will continue.

This lockdown has definitely made me realize that a little of everything is enough. This pandemic has definitely made us realize that life is unpredictable. I just learned some insect photographic skills as it’s my hobby. In addition to this, I did a course on mobile apps that was for 2-3 hours but I didn’t find it that type of informative or skillful (honestly speaking).

I have also learned that my health is more important than any other thing in this world. For the safety of my health, I should follow government rules in order to stay safe from this COVID-19 pandemic. I am safe if I don’t go outside to catch this virus and bring it back along with me to my home and put my relatives in danger.

But the most important is if I will be in a situation in which I have to live without the virtual apps or services I’ve found some new special hobbies through which I can spend my time more efficiently and make it precious.