A pandemic that has revolutionized the world and has given a complete turn to my daily life, because I never thought that at the beginning of the year 2020 where I thought of great projects and goals set to carry them out, they would be cut short by this public health situation.

I have felt sad and powerless because I am a teacher and I have not been able to carry out my work in the same way as I did in person with the students, guiding the teaching and learning process.

There have been many difficulties; I cannot leave my house as often as before and I cannot visit my family either since I am in a town far away from the city. This fills me with the importance of family and in this situation, I only ask God that everything changes and does again as before.

On the other hand, reports issued by the WHO (World Health Organization) report the increase in cases of contagion and the death rate worldwide, being moving and worrying news in each country. To date, a vaccine that can counteract the virus is expected but it is delayed because human tests continue to see what impact it can have and IF it really works.

When I read information from safe and reliable research sources, most agree that a vaccine for its approval and already patented distribution usually takes up to 5 years to come to market. This is a worrying situation because all the most prominent and recognized virologists and scientists in the world are doing as much as possible so that it can go to market in 2 years. And the most developed countries worldwide continue to fight to get it out in less time and be able to patent and disseminate it. It is hope, but 2 years is still a long time, where we have to continue facing the situation and look for strategies that allow us to avoid contagion in order to survive.