It’s been almost a year since we had this pandemic. A big adjustment I would say. From how we live our normal lives to how we live a new normal.

I’m a single parent with two toddlers. And as you know, most toddlers always want to be outside playing around. It was a real struggle especially when the virus first hit our city. I couldn’t explain well to my kids that we couldn’t go outside at all. I was a store shopper but had to quit as I didn’t want to be exposed and risk bringing the virus home to my two kids. My mom always brings us food and some essentials as we live day by day.

Fortunately, the city has started opening up businesses slowly after months of being closed. We’ve now been able to see other family members and at least now I can go shopping for my family instead of asking other people. My kids enjoy even just being in the backyard.

But then, just earlier today, another order was issued to limit social interactions until the end of November. YES, we are having another lockdown! It scares me to think the virus is still spreading and what’s scarier is that it’s getting cold already. I heard that virus lives longer in the cold. I wish that people would realize that the more we don’t follow, the longer we will suffer. I am so thankful that none of my family members have caught this virus but we can’t be so certain that we will never get it. I am just happy that my kids are homeschooled, it’s the best decision I have made for them especially these days.

Let’s all follow orders to keep ourselves and the community safe. We don’t want another lockdown to happen after another lockdown.