I am Mahrukh N. an over-qualified school teacher. I am skipping a detailed introduction because it doesn’t serve the purpose here.

So, I was living a routine life before all this started. COVID-19 Apocalypse – quite a fantastical term, but I like it anyway. I remember when it was just restricted to China -I follow the news- and I used to think that it would never reach here; here? My country? Never. A month passed, and here it was, affecting everything! Lockdown commenced, business almost ceased and everyone was left at home with no routine life.

Now for me, that was a real problem, as I never did anything besides my routine life, which occupied almost all of my week. Now I was at home with absolutely nothing to do at hand. Leave a person abandoned in a pod out in the space, that’s how I felt at first. A week passed and it was the first whole week that I had taken off of the race I was running on. Wait, did I say I was in a race? Well, actually it is true, and it was the first time I realized it, that I have been in the race, in a never-ending competition to achieve something that I didn’t even know of.

But now for the first time, I had no rush to reach somewhere. For the first time, I had time at my disposal for anything I wanted to do, just for the sake of it. I started doing a few things and it turns out that I am not that bad at painting, and that meditation can really help me relax. Also, I started learning French, taking online classes, and a bunch of other pretty-cool-crazy stuff too. Anyhow, this quarantine that I was so angry about at first, turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me. I think it can be the same for all of you too. Take the opportunity. Bon Voyage!