My name is Lars, and if yes, it’s Friday. Not seem? I tell my mind. It is customary that with the confinement and the quarantine the days confuse me with each other. I am no longer interested in knowing how many days are left before the long-awaited Friday arrives. Where in my previous ”normal” life I counted the days of the week so that Friday arrived since it was a general rule for me on Fridays to watch Netflix all night and order a large hamburger to eat along with fries while watching a movie. And if I was hungry I would ask for an additional pizza. Well, I had a very hectic week in which due to my work I had to keep office hours and wake up very early every day; so my happy day was Friday, I also sometimes went out partying with my friends.

Now I already lost the emotion to Friday, it is already insignificant for me the days of the week, it is so much so, that I canceled my membership of Netflix. Well, I am no longer able to sit down to watch a whole movie, I lose focus, I do not generate emotion. Well I know I can see it any other day, so it is not exciting for me nor do I take it as before as a resting therapy.

I am trying to leave social networks since this chaos began I have taken refuge in them and have wasted a lot of time on Instagram looking at other people’s lives, so lately I am more aware of them and I am starting to limit the time I spend on social networks. I am trying to use them only for work things and to minimize leisure time. Also, with WhatsApp, I do not like to talk and talk with friends about unimportant things, which really is wasting your time, it is good to be in contact with your friends, to know how they are, but it is not necessary to talk every day either. And that makes me feel better because I spend my time on things that are important to me like learning to cook, take care of myself, exercise, laugh, be with my dog.

I think if my dog ​​spoke he would tell me thanks….hahaha…because he has been the most benefited during this difficult pandemic. Normally I could only see him very early in the morning before going to work when I said goodbye, and in the evenings when I got home, I was very tired and didn’t want to play with him, I just wanted to eat and go to bed to sleep. Now I am with him all day, I caress him, we play, I am watching his antics and achievements. I think he is a very happy and lucky dog ​​since he has an owner who loves him like a real son.