Hi beautiful people, this is Rabia K. from Pakistan and I am an educationalist. COVID-19 positively ( lack of pollution, family gathering/staying home, self-realizing) as well as negatively impacted our lives. The COVID-19 crisis has forced us in an already suffering economy to a grinding halt. Social distancing policies necessary to stop the spread of the virus have sent the global economy reeling, paralyzed the informal economy, and left Pakistan’s most vulnerable without income and sustenance.

As I was not finding quality time with family and was completely off from my hobby of gaming, so I was back to it. The major issue is that the education system of Pakistan is suffering very badly. Students of colleges and schools are promoted without giving exams and university students are imposed to take online classes. Pakistan is not that advanced in technology so it is very hard for students to adapt to this. Some students live in very remote areas and they don’t have any access to the internet so they are suffering a lot.

In this time of lockdown. I have learned how to live without meeting your friends and relatives for a long time. I have also learned to control my desires when I have limited sources. I am trying to find my inner peace and I think I am getting some success. I must tell you that the best doctor for your mental health is you. Spend some time with yourself and your depression will be gone soon.