COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has become the major issue of our time that has brought about so many effects, economically and socially to individuals and the world at large.

Economically this pandemic affected badly my country (Tanzania) in many areas like the transport sector which includes the aviation industry which depends mostly on revenues received from international flights movement which were halted as the country adopted directives from WHO. This led to denying employers some of their allowances and even some being suspended for a while without being paid to make aviation companies and some institutions be able to survive the whole period of the pandemic.

Apart from that, the number of travelers from one region to another using ground means of transport like passenger buses decreased as time went on as people were advised to work at home, thus making owners reduce the frequency those buses used to make per day or week and even grounding them.

However, social distancing is one of the instructions from WHO in minimizing the spread of the coronavirus and it has made so many people stop social visits as they used to, like visiting the sick at home or hospitals with the fear of spreading or catching the virus. This also made the closing of social clubs and coffee points where people used to go for reading novels and meet friends during weekends. Making physical meetings rather than through phones makes a great deal to people in the country as it is what we are accustomed to doing and it shows a sign of care and great bonding among people. There is the fear of losing that in society and some find it difficult to adapt to new ways of life like that.

Professionally, I am now working on a contingency plan for Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) with the sole aim of supporting our customers and affiliates with their members to file flight plans while they are at their desks and offices so as to avoid being in contact with pilots and flight dispatchers coming from outside the country for special flights.

Moreover, the high demand for sanitizers and face masks opened as an avenue for people to produce approved local face masks and sanitizers and sell them at cheaper prices as most people could not afford surgical masks and the related ones of high quality. Delivery services increased and a great number of youth joined that venture and are making a living out of it.

Lastly, workers, governments, companies, and other institutions are all searching for ways to protect economies, livelihoods, and fundamentally the health of themselves, their loved ones, and the wider population.

We have turned to the old ways of treating respiratory diseases associated with coronavirus which include boiling things like ginger and different herbs like raven leaves and eucalyptus and breathing in the vapor that comes from boiling the mixture, just as alternative medicine in tackling coronavirus.

Let us work together in unity is and togetherness since it will carry us through this challenging period and emerge stronger and rebuild a better world.


Editor’s note: See BBC article – “Coronavirus: Do Not Use Untested Remedies:WHO Africa Warns.”