Everything one tends to engage in, be it skills or business ideas needs lots of time to gain perfection in it. We thought this pandemic was the worst moment of our lives because we need to work to earn money so we can cater to our needs and those of our families. But indeed it was a period of building for the next phase of life. I just believe God actually made it happen for such a reason. Though this period was filled with pains because so many families lost their beloved but a truism says “in every pain, there’s a gain.”

I am Joy O., I can boldly say the pandemic period added so much value to my life even though I went through some hard times especially the aspect of finance. But I got to know myself better which is a plus. I had lots of time to deal with the inferiority complex, I’ve been going through it for years but this period became the best time to deal with it and accept myself for who I am. I also engaged in learning a skill -which is “hairdressing,” through the Internet; YouTube to be precise. I never had the time to learn it before due to a salaried job but today, I’ve learned it and I can offer my service in that aspect with confidence.

My joy is that I no longer have to depend on one stream of income and if there are no paying jobs, I will be able to survive with my handwork. Time is what we need to improve on ourselves. To find that hidden potential that would be a solution to our world. It is as if we were in a womb during this pandemic, nowhere to go just being in one location, but the day we will come out, it will just be like the birthing of new realities, possibilities, and ideas that will mount to positive change in our world.