Yes, it’s been amazing how we have had really low numbers compared to other developed nations. Maybe it’s because we don’t have as many testing facilities vastly spread across the country? Trusting our medics to be doing their best and being grateful in that regard but still cautious. So much is going on, and yet things seem stagnant. My job can’t be done from home and as a result salary has been on a decline due to inactivity at work. So many plans were put on hold by this pandemic. I travel out of the country sometimes but the borders are closed. Nations are afraid to import the bug from elsewhere.

The lockdown keeps getting extended. So annoying and stressful for so many people. The worst part I can’t imagine is not knowing when it will all end. Just having to take it a day at a time is the only option while enjoying being close to family. But then again that much time with family is too much. Well, for me it would be too much when money is only going one way.

On a highlighted note; My fiancé and I are expecting a baby, she is still adjusting to the cold weather in Zimbabwe. I am doing my best to keep her warm, warming up her bathwater because the geyser isn’t working and making sure she has warm clothes. The baby is due sometime in August and God knows what the future has in store with regard to how tense things are increasingly becoming. Her monthly checkups have been strenuous for both of us, the queue and service times are a combination of a thirty-hour day. I hope the situation will have eased up by then,  excited about this addition to the family. We leave all in God’s hands.

Keep safe, God bless