I’m Gonzalo P., I am from the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico, where Jenifer Lopes’ parents are from. She is my favorite artist.

About my experience with this current pandemic. I consider myself a very calm and very positive person. So I have tried to take this situation from a positive perspective. And I try that my family (living with my grandparents) also take this situation in the same way. However, for them, this circumstance has been more traumatic since the confinement is not easy for them. And being honest about living together, although we have a good relationship and have had no problems, due to our age differences (I am 25 years old) and my grandparents over 70 years old we do not have many things in common regarding topics of conversation, activities, likes, and dislikes, etc. So coexistence becomes very monotonous and boring. I try to understand this, but there is a time when I explode and we have some awkward moments of bad words about it. I do not want to justify myself, but I also think that it is because of what we are going through. As much as you love your family, you feel happy with your life and you are a grateful being, but the monotony of the day-to-day, not receiving the sun, not having contact with other people, makes you have these kinds of reactions.

So I am trying to do online courses on topics that I like marketing, I did not usually buy books on other topics that were not my profession, and just yesterday I bought one about healthy eating. So I am trying to do some different things every day to get a little out of the monotony and thus gratefully end my day with life and feeling good about myself and with my family.