Does anyone believe in miracles? Well, I could say I have been in awe of all that has been happened since the pandemic started. Never could I fathom how we as a nation, Tanzania, could survive in such difficult times with no facilities or any aid which caused lots of people to lose their loved ones. It’s still unbelievable because we could have been all be wiped out by the coronavirus by now if it wasn’t for God’s mercies and His lead.

What seemed like a disaster turned into a blessing. March 2020, I was in the process of booking my flight to return to Canada for my studies but instead, I ended up not going anywhere due to the lockdown. This made room for me to continue my classes online, secure an online job, and still managed to run my hair business while acquiring new skills like tailoring, as I started selling masks to those around the city.

Little did I know about the technology world which is our new norm, growing super fast and connecting the world as a village. It has been quite a journey of constant learning and ZOOM meetings shaping our way of thinking and challenging us to tackle different problems life throws our way and pushing us out of our comfort zone.

The most important thing this pandemic taught me is the power to stand on what you believe in and staying focused regardless of what is going on around you, whether it is in the business, family, relationships, or spiritual aspect. There is so much going on and too much distraction around us we constantly need to maintain our peace from within and be certain that regardless of the situation there is still hope.