My name is Nicolás, my friends call me Nico. About me, I have been a nurse for 16 years and I love my profession. Currently, I am in the city of Madrid. I came to this country at a very young age together with my parents, I think when I was 15 years old. My native country is Venezuela. Currently, I work tirelessly, collaborating with many people, especially adults, because in my experience they are the most affected, not only by this disease but also by the depression and loneliness to which they are currently exposed.

With this pandemic, our lifestyle changed, although I have always worked hard previously on weekends I used to share my weekends with my friends. Memories are longed for since for more than two months, I have practically not gone out to have fun and the most alarming thing is that this continues and will continue we do not know how long.

Our life itself is uncertain and it has been so since we were born, but this pandemic leads us to acquire new habits of life, focused on community work, on being tolerant of our fellow men, and perhaps knowing how to listen and stop only hearing above all our older adults who feel insecure and orphaned in every sense of the word. Since I think that the Spanish culture or not everyone does not give the deserved value to the older adult because people are so busy with their busy lives, their jobs, children, meetings, and others things, that the older adult takes second place.

Thanks to my profession I have been able to know that crude reality, which is very sad, and it is even more so with this pandemic since I have been able to visit many old people’s homes and the panorama is really discouraging. I hope this situation softens our hearts a little more.