Initially, when the world was informed about the pandemic, I adopted it terribly. I thought to myself: It’s actually normal, I’m terribly exaggerating. They shut down my college overnight. Well, it wasn’t as overwhelming as it was when my boyfriend had to cancel his dream tour. I simply felt sorry for him in the world.

The first months of sitting in four walls and leaving only for important purposes were overwhelming. A million quarrels with friends, parents, boyfriend. At first, it was not colorful. There was a lot of charity to fight COVID-19, including HOT16CHALLENGE2, of which I was a part. Later on, the music label my boyfriend belonged to was constantly working on unsuccessful concert planning, etc.

With time things started to get better. After the holidays I was able to return to full-time studies (unfortunately only for a week). Then they locked us in our homes again, but without such restrictions as before. Still, it was terribly annoying. Bans on All Saints’ Day, Christmas and Easter. I am still sorry that we could not celebrate them the way we used to. In addition to this whole drama, there are numerous strikes led by terrible state authorities.

But one of the positive situations that I remember really well is the finale of my boyfriend’s tour, which was successfully completed. I perfectly remember how happy he was then.

Currently, the situation is improving significantly, but now I do not care. From this whole pandemic, I took a tremendous amount of stress, constant embarrassment, and reluctance to plan anything. More than the pandemic itself, I was most affected by the quarantine; I was with MichaƂ (my boyfriend) after returning from vacation. They kept extending the lockdown and we stayed locked in the house for over a month.

All this coronavirus in Poland is totally inadequately received, but I have no influence on it. I am glad that despite the many different people we have throughout this year, our group of friends is still together.