My name is Linda Y., a 24-year-old woman, my Dayak tribe comes from West Kalimantan-Indonesia, in Ngabang Regency. I want to tell my story in the current atmosphere of COVID-19.

In my village called Jelimpo, we are a Dayak tribe who have traditionally lived on the results of the rubber latex that we strive for. But our lives have changed a lot. The Ngabang Subdistrict government set rules that prohibit us from doing activities outside the home. We were reminded to remain at home unless we left home to buy food. Even then, with a condition that no more than 2 people and we must wear a mask. This situation is certainly difficult because our daily activity is tapping gum rubber for sale.

My father named Petrus D., said let him go to get the rubber latex. But I can’t bear it, because my father is 65 years old. Therefore I still went with my father to the rubber tree garden to be with him. After taking the rubber sap, I usually look for cassava and vegetable leaves to take home. That’s what we eat besides rice. I also fish in the river using bamboo arrows and traps. All of that is very useful to give us adequate food.

As for the results of the rubber sap obtained, it cannot be sold to buyers, because they closed their shops and houses. Thus, we are short of money. But fortunately, we have a garden to get food and vegetables. Tuhqan is most helpful. There is always ease among difficulties. That’s all that I can tell.