My name is Asikin, 42 years old, male, and working as a health worker at Dompu Hospital. I want to write about the mother and baby who died of COVID-19. My writing is intended to add information to other people, that COVID-19 does not select people who will be infected.

I don’t have any special notes regarding my writing, but I rely on memory because every day I experience it so I memorize it. With limited memories, but in general, I see and experience that people who are infected with COVID-19, generally people aged between 10 years to 80 years.

One event that I really remember is when there was a mother who just gave birth. She was about 34 years old. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy, weighing 3.6 kilograms. Two weeks later, the mother and baby returned to her village called Saneo, about 22 kilometers from the hospital.

It was very surprising when this mother was brought again to the hospital because she looked short of breath. It turned out that she had a COVID-19 infection. For a while, the baby was separated from the mother, even though they were both in the hospital. After only three days in the hospital, the mother and baby died. The baby died in the morning, while the mother died at night. The whole hospital was in an uproar and there was panic. Many patients and their families wanted to go home and say they are treated at home. We as medical officials were unable to stop them because they insisted on going home. Such is the sad story of humans that happened in my area.