I am Vio M., female, 42 Years old. I want to tell you about the situation in my village named Doro Bara. Since COVID-19 come up in the world, especially in my village, some problems found are: divorce become increasing, most people became selfish/egoist, criminals also increase. I thought this is caused by hungry people who struggle with their life.

Although we have money, the availability of consumer goods is restricted or not available. There are not as many sellers as before. The sellers avoid opening their shops to avoid people coming in because of this coronavirus. In addition, traders are afraid that their goods will be robbed. You see, since COVID-19, many people have not left their homes.

Many married couples have divorced for various reasons. All the problems are generally due to hunger. The village officials have met several times to find a way out. The efforts made by village administrators did not produce results. The community members continued to defend themselves in their own ways. Even though the village management had asked the police for help, the police could not do their best. Finally, some village leaders became aware that if this situation was allowed to endanger all residents.

Agreements were made together to take turns making the guard together. This guard is made in turns for each head of the family. Sanctions are also made for people who are caught committing a crime, then that person will be given punishment, in the form of being tied up and whipped 100 times. Since the joint decree was adopted, crime has decreased and several shops have re-opened. But divorces still happen. Wedding events are almost non-existent since July 2020. It seems that people are holding back from getting married. Everyone is slowly starting to adjust to the COVID-19 situation. No more parties and crowds. The preaching that is usually crowded in mosques has also decreased.

What is still routinely done by the community in my village is they keep going to the fields and gardens, to maintain their crops. Those who usually go to the sea also do fishing activities. I hope this situation will pass soon. May God the Almighty, give salvation to us all.