I think coronavirus is a very serious virus because one can get it anywhere and at any time. It’s actually scary to think about its nature in its entirety. It had not affected me much until when they locked down the whole country and we couldn’t go out of our town to another town.

The stigma that came with being at the frontline, family distancing themselves in fear of getting the virus. I understand the nature of my job which is to serve others in sickness and in health because I am an essential worker, who is a soldier and a nurse at the same time. I am needed every time so am ready for anything.

There is no coronavirus yet in our town but we are practicing hand hygiene and sanitizing wherever we go, be it at home, the workplace, and town. We are also managing the 1 m or 1,5m distance. Educating people on this deadly virus has been a critical part of life ever since this war began.

I am hoping for this virus to go away so we can still live our normal life, as we used to; not like now when we go into town and go straight in the shop and grab what we want and out! We first get in the line and few people enter after they are done then the next.