My name is Alfredo, I am a business administrator. Currently, I manage 3 residentials and with this pandemic situation, I have had to make decisions for the residents of the respective communities without knowing later what repercussions they have. Since the fact that I cannot call assemblies and meetings does not exempt me from the responsibilities that commit me to improve the well-being of the residents.

I have had problems moving to other places of my work, delegating other decisions such as whether or not to allow new visitors to enter this being the triggering factor because they do not allow their family members to enter. The truth is that the uncertainty of this pandemic has us desperate. We must be strong and role models for others including our family members.

I am 55 years old, I had not experienced such a compromising situation, I have to make decisions and I have been adapting new facilities for the respective disinfection of the residents who constantly leave and return to the complex. I try to buy the best and look for affordable prices but there are always discrepancies due to the decisions made.  The truth is that I assume my responsibility in the best way, hoping that no COVID-19 cases will be presented to me in any of the sets that I administer.

Dealing with older adults is more difficult and the various reasons explained to them are few and they fail to capture the magnitude of the pandemic. In the next few days, I will hire a psychologist to counteract the anxiety of this whole situation that causes depression, an increase of fights between neighbors, and domestic violence, among others. I will continue forward with all this waiting for the completion.