My name is Priyaranjan M., and I am from Odissa, India. I came to Chennai to work in the hydraulic jack industry. For accommodation purposes, I took a room for myself. We all know while renting a house we have to pay an advance amount. And I too paid that -five months rent in advance.

When the COVID-19 cases increased and companies were closed, I lost my job. I found no reason in staying in Chennai after that. So I decided to go home and come back after the lockdown, but it took four months for me to return. When I came back the advance rent amount I paid was almost over and only a little amount was left with the owner. We had some serious talk but it was of no use. I took the balance amount and with some friend’s help, took another room. After finding new accommodation, I searched for a job. I was hired by a new company and started working there.

Things were all a bit balanced in my life. But then the rise in the COVID-19 cases occurred suddenly. At the start of the rise in COVID-19 cases the company told us not to worry, they will take care of us. But then the government told the company to close. For now, my job is safe, but I will not be paid. But if the lockdown extends, then there is a chance of me going back to my native again. If that happens, I don’t know what will happen to the advance amount I paid recently. I spoke to the owner and he told me the money will be returned only if I informed him about vacating three months before. This means if I say today, he will give the money after three months! It was not that easy for me to arrange that amount while taking the new room. I have only one option, and that is to stay here in Chennai and look for some other jobs. But without any income, I don’t know how I am going to survive.

I like this place very much and hence I want to live here. But if I go into a situation like before, then I don’t think there is a coming back. Because I might not be able to handle the situation again. Hope nothing like that will happen.