I think that this pandemic that afflicts the world and that is increasingly installed in our country for longer, is a chance to rethink consumerism. I have thought many times of trying to find something positive in the midst of the uncertainty generated by the coronavirus. And the question that I have asked myself is positively, to think that the planet is not giving me another new opportunity to do things well.

To stop cutting down trees, to stop building in the irresponsible way that large construction companies do, to take care of our animals in the process of existence and be more empathetic with them and give them the respect they deserve, to become aware of the importance of recycling, not to return the sea, the forests or nature a garbage dump of the man.

I want to think that, that the earth is giving us a new opportunity, this is like a sample of what can continue happening if we continue being so irresponsible with the planet. It is simply an act of nature in the form of a protest against so many decades of mistreatment of it. We forget that without nature, without something as vital as air, we simply cannot live.

I have also thought about the impact of the rampant consumerism in which we live. According to figures found on the internet, we have used 75% more of the resources that the planet can give us each year. This situation is unsustainable. Right now, to satisfy all that consumption that we need, most of the things that we don’t need, we are needing a planet and a half.

What do you think?