I have felt sick since March. Beginning with a mild cough, headache, loss of smell, and low-grade temp. I have had off and on symptoms since of low fever, cough, headache, leg aches, chills, and sweats. Tachycardia and POTs as well and fasciculations. Working with many specialists to figure out what is damaged. Feeling okay and working on my anxiety and sleep apnea at night is the hardest part.

I have relapses but they are usually less severe. Have had to learn to slow down and take time off work. Stress makes things worse and I am working on that. I have learned not to be afraid to talk to someone and take medication to deal with the anxiety and stress, which makes my shortness of breath and symptoms worse.

I was not tested until a month into symptoms and was negative. My doctor does not believe I had it but I have had a direct exposure and these are undeniable symptoms. Regardless, something is not right with me and I won’t stop until I find out what is off and how to mitigate or correct it.

I have seen my primary care doctor as well as a neurologist, rheumatologist, and pulmonary sleep doctor. I still have an appointment with an immunologist to see if I have a primary immune deficiency (no antibodies yet) and am planning on scheduling an appointment with an endocrinologist as I think my pituitary or thalamus could be a root cause of my breathing and tachycardia/blood pressure issues as well.

Those of us recovering from long-term symptoms are trailblazers and I intend to leave no stone unturned. We owe it to others like us to figure out why we are still feeling ill after so long.