My name is Alejandra, I am Argentine. My situation regarding COVID-19 has been a period of constant reflection. So I hope that my reflection can reach many people through this platform and we can be a better version of ourselves every day, for a better planet.

When we leave home I hope we can come together again in a space where we breathe purer air, where we can connect from the depths and nature of our essence as human beings. I hope to return to those old ways of gathering by the fire in a herd, telling stories of our ancestors, and hugging our children.

In these days of confinement, I have managed to understand the importance of communication. I have managed to understand where some of my fears, joys, and those thousands of questions come from in this uncertain new world.

From everything I have drawn some conclusions; go back to the simple way of life. Going back to the essence, seeing each other in the eye, listening to each other again, reuniting in a familiar environment, replanting what we eat, reconciling with ourselves and our environment. Return.

These have been strange days, but necessary to understand that all this that is happening to us is leading us to new opportunities for human connection. That is why my invitation is for us to meet again far from the city, close to the sea, the jungle, the mountains and extensive beaches by the hand of our loved ones  -our family and that we start again.

This new chapter in our history is called human encounters.