Hello, my name is Sangeetha. Here is what happened in my life during the season of COVID-19. I have both positive as well as negative impacts.

Let’s start with the negative side of it first. Ever since this COVID-19 started in March 2020, most of my early days during this season were spent thinking and worrying about this pandemic. Worrying not just in terms of health, but also not being able to go outside, seeing shops closed, not being able to meet up with relatives and friends, and cutting down on all extracurricular activities created an inch of hopelessness in me. It was the first stage of isolation that had started in my life. However, a couple of weeks later, I began to realize that it was this worry that was bothering me and had affected me emotionally to some extent.

But I made up my mind, to make something good out of this COVID-19. No sooner than I had this thought in me, I began to realize and see that COVID-19 had given me the time that I was always searching for. There have been instances in my life earlier, where I had no time for myself and to spend time with my family amidst the busy schedule. Though it was like being isolated from the outside world, it was great exposure to myself and my family. So, I put down a list of what I wanted to do which would help me be more productive in the next few months. Trust me, this changed the entire focus of my life. From living a life with no goals, I have become a much more capable individual, well planned developing new hobbies and that was interesting as well.

In conclusion, I now realize and know for sure now that this season of COVID-19 has brought a drastic change in my life and has been a great phase of learning new things and utilizing my time in a much more productive way. Most of all, I found that precious time that I had lost in my family.