The world is going through a lot right now. Everything is devastated and the normal patterned schedules are all distorted. Many people are affected by this, some lost their loved ones and some are jobless and starving to put bread on the table. I am Sarika, a full-time virtual freelancer and I live in Kathmandu, Nepal. I am here to share my story.

After the lockdown happened my family suffered a financial crisis. We all had to stay home and major businesses were completely shut down. It has been very difficult to buy regular commodities. Since most of the businesses shifted to online platforms, there were plenty of remote job opportunities. Being a content writer and proficient in data entry, I decided to utilize my skill to earn money for the family. I started searching for remote jobs and spent hours browsing online. Then I came across a freelancing platform. The platform was completely new for me and I watched YouTube videos on basic freelancing tips.

At the very beginning, I used to write many proposals but all would be rejected. I never gave up because all my family members were depending on me. The rejections did not demotivate me, rather they ignited more power and self-esteem.

I finally got my first client and luckily I got a position of junior news writer for an online news website based in Florida. I started doing content writing for other clients too and now I am making money online that helps to cover our daily expenses.

This is my story. Overall, along with some challenges, this COVID-19 pandemic built willpower to do something new in me.