My name is Jon, I am 65 years old and I have lived alone since my wife and daughter passed away 14 years ago. They both died in a car accident.

When my family died I was left alive, but I had to continue. And through these years I have learned to live with loneliness and to lead a pleasant and quiet life. Although sometimes this memory still invades my mind and fills me with nostalgia.

For me, this COVID-19 situation has been very depressing. Since my emotional state has dropped drastically. Despite my age, I am a healthy person and I have liked exercising since I was very young. I always used to walk in the mornings, until Sundays. Then I would meet up with my friends, and play board games and have a talk about life. Then I would go home to watch television and sleep. That was a typical day for me.

Now with this COVID-19, I can’t be on the street, I have to stay home, which is frustrating for me, since being at home I have no one to share or spend my time with like many of my friends.

Lately, Mrs. Pilar, a home help service worker, has come to visit me to help me with cleaning the house and personal hygiene. It is the best time of the day, Pilar is a very good cook.┬áPilar’s daily visits are my contact with the outside world in these difficult times and that has made my mood improve since I have someone to talk to, even though she’s doing her own thing. Her only company for me comforts me.

Sometimes we watch the COVID-19 news on television together. She tells me that the situation here in my country is already better. But because of my age, I’m not allowed to go out. It is a strange and sad situation. but we must get used to living with it. Life has taught me that we should keep smiling and be thankful for the gift of being alive.