My name is Cristina, I am 45 years old, single, childless until 5 years ago I lived with my mother, who I cared for until the last day of her existence. She died of cardiac arrest, it was a very painful moment for my life. But it had to continue. Due to her death, I decided to sell our house and rent a small apartment for myself.

I work as an independent, I make different types of food, such as Mexican and Argentine food, among others. I have been passionate about cooking since I was a child. So I adapted my apartment from there to serve some clients and make my meals to send them to my client’s home. But this pandemic has affected me directly since my income decreased markedly. Aid from the government is nil, I must get money to pay bills and everything related to my subsistence. I was obliged to ask the respective authorities for help to go out and offer my meals “door to door,” complying with the respective security protocols, acquiring the required clothing to be able to sell my food. Fortunately, sales have improved a bit.

However, this crisis caused by COVID-19 has been unexpected and chaotic; directly affecting all the strata, the most disadvantaged classes that lack basic services only wait for help that will provide them with food for their subsistence. Many of them show despair and wanting to return to their jobs to continue their lives.

Every day I ask God for this to end because it has become a nightmare, a story that we can tell to our nephews and friends.