There are events that get to mess you up, to mess up your life, to move your floor, to take away your tranquility; and apart from the bewilderment, a lot of feelings come, sometimes fear, in other anger, sadness. Any way you feel that life is not treating you very well.

But in most cases, with the years when you look back you realize that this “event” happened so that you changed something, you will leave something, or even someone to change your way of thinking or doing certain things. And you see that that whirlpool was to finally take you to calm waters. Other times you look back and see clearly what life wanted to achieve with that mess, but as sometimes stubbornness wins, we continue doing the usual thing, expecting different results and missing that momentary storm that life gave us to obtain calm. And instead, we stay in the middle of the downpour hoping not to get wet.

What we are experiencing right now is “the event” and for more anguish, stress, despair, and difficult things that it brings, it shows us all in different ways that there is something we should have changed, something we should have done better, something that we should discard, something that we could take better advantage of.

This situation probably teaches us more about friendship, about love, about patience, about so many intangible things that are more important than many of the material things that we miss today.