Regardless of whether we keep pushing, moving along, or trying to continue with our “normal life,” the effect from COVID-19 has definitely not left anyone free from its backlash. Just like anyone else living in this time period, the statement “Covid impacted my life” is short, frustrating, and hits so close to home.

At the beginning of this time period, it seemed as if my plans of taking my newlywed wife to our first concert as a married couple was only a matter of rescheduling for a later date in the year. Little did we know that concert would never happen, leading up to a refund we did not want to accept. That early event was only a foreshadow to the countless times we were restricted when doing even the smallest “normal” things -ordinary things we were so used to doing.

During the summer of 2020, I was supposed to assist a class for three weeks, which would’ve been a move to keep advancing at work. I had been studying day and night, only to find out that class was going to be pushed back until it was canceled.

Only mentioning two sour moments during the COVID-19 pandemic, does not make the situation better, but the situation did become a little more bearable. I got the chance to spend a lot of time getting to know my body and having more of a structured skin and hair routine, as well as learning what works and what doesn’t work for my body. I do feel that if COVID-19 hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have gotten this one-on-one time with myself that I didn’t know I needed so much. In a way, it was a breather. A sweet and sour breather.