Actually, COVID-19 did leave me broken. Well, at most I was bruised. Here’s how things went for me.

I planned to attend university in Hawaii. I had saved up for this for almost two years. I thought things were going so perfectly and my goal was going to be a home run. One day before, I bought the plane ticket, the university announced that I should postpone my first semester to the next one. This was one week after I got the visa with a very high expectation of going to heaven on earth  -Hawaii!!

Do you know what that means? It means I would not be able to get into Hawaii on the day I planned. After this all things fell apart, I broke down. I felt like it was harder than getting dumped by my ex.

Over time, the healing process began. I realized that it was not only me who was in this worse situation. There were so many people who suffered from this pandemic. Crying over it was not my main habit anymore. I started to rethink what I really need, and if I cannot get what I cannot control, so then what can I control? The answer is my present state. The fact that I am still in Thailand and I have to do something that I cannot do in Hawaii. This is how my new chapter of life began.

The way I see things is very important to tell whether I get a good change or a bad change. Luckily, I perceived this hectic pandemic as a gaining opportunity. I found a new way of earning more income and got new skills. I am living the fullest life here in Bangkok. Well, it is not that fancy but it is enough and I am so grateful for that!