It’s been almost twelve days since I last went out. Twelve tiring days! I’m not going to lie, it’s been exhausting, especially when the weather gets so hot in Larnaca, where I live right now, ah that’s so much suffering!

It was on Monday in mid June, when my dad came home and said, “I feel so sick today. I guess we cannot make it to the meeting.” He said he felt pain in all his body especially in his head and he just couldn’t stand properly because he felt so sleepy and tired. We all thought it must be a simple cold, but when the next day my mom felt sick too, I realized it was not one of those normal colds.

I told them we should all visit a doctor but they did not listen to me. They said it’s just a simple cold and that they’d feel better in two days, but I knew it was not a simple and usual cold. That was why when I felt sick one day after work, I came out of our family shop (I work there as a cashier) and I secretly went to visit the doctor. I found out I had the coronavirus, the killer disease that has been spreading all over the world since the beginning on 2020. At first, I was really terrified but when the doctor told me we should be quarantined, I felt better.

I have an older brother, he does not live with us but he helps us with things in the shop. He’s a boss of a company and during our illness, he had our back; he handled all the things in the shop that they needed to be done. The doctor said it would last at most about 15 days, and we’re going to be fine after that.

So my family and I have been staying home for almost two weeks now, but I’m sure we will be completely healed soon and we will get back to our tiny store again.