Hi … I’m Vincent A. I live in Marseille, France. I would share my opinion on the coronavirus situation. Nobody ever expected COVID-19. This pandemic disaster caused many changes in human behavior in the socio-cultural, economic, and political fields. Many things can be discussed here, but what I want to explain here is a change in human behavior.

Before COVID-19 coming, relationships among humans felt so beautiful and full of civilization. But now we are not free anymore to look at each other, smile, and shake hands. We feel we are strangers to each other. Real-world communication is only modest. The trend that is happening is increasing communication by using Whatsapp technology, social media, and others. Like it or not, this is an option to avoid direct/close contact. In fact, there is an actual reality today, schools and lectures are held online.

Now, human life must finally adapt to reality. One day, humans will finally resolve to “fight” the existing conditions with determination. Humans will finally decide to live life normally like before the coronavirus. Humans will be ready to accept whatever the risk.

One of the considerations, the presence or absence of coronavirus, nevertheless life and death still occur. With short sentences, who is strong and healthy, will live. For those who are weak and sick, very sadly and unfortunately they might die. Finally, we have to be ready for whatever the world is changing.

I love France, I love the world. I love you wherever you are.